Where To Find Cougars

You are a younger man and you are interested in meeting an older women. You are aware that there are plenty of mature women out there who have a thing for younger men and you also know that these cougars – older women who are looking for younger men – rarely advertise that they would like to be with a younger man. So you ask yourself how and where can you find these women?

Where to find cougars indeed. You will not find them posting personal ads in your local paper that’s for sure. A mature woman looking for a younger man will go under the radar and search for a younger man in a very subtle manner.

So if you fancy more mature ladies and you know that they are hard to find, how are you supposed to find them? Well the answer proves to be very simple. You just need to know how a typical cougar will go about finding a younger man.

Hot CougarsThe cougar will join a specific dating site that specialises only in hooking up cougars with toyboys such as Toy Boys Dating.

The beauty of a site like this for a mature woman is that is she can remain relatively anonymous. She will of course make a profile but she will often use photos that do not give away her identity. She may use a photo like the one on the left. The photos that a cougar will upload will give a clue to her identity, but will not reveal all. So although the cougar is being secretive, you know exactly what she wants.

Remember these cougars have various reasons for keeping quiet. Some may be married, but most will simply be embarrassed at having a crush on younger men. Rest assured that they do know that guys who ask the question where to find cougars will track down a web site that provides a service for younger men and older women to get in touch with one another.

So, for you to find older women looking for toyboys in your area, you need to state on your profile that you are ONLY interested in mature women. Cougars will sniff this out – and they will be encouraged to communicate with you far more than someone who has not put this in their profile.

Secondly, you then need to run a search for women older than yourself, and simply favourite those that take your fancy. Anyone that you favourite will be immediately emailed, so that they can come and look at your profile, and see that you are interested in older ladies, and specifically them. They are then very likely to initiate contact with you.

If you favourite a number of mature ladies, just make sure you have enough time to get to meet each of them.

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