What’s so great about Toy Boys?

It’s not uncommon for older women to date or have a relationship with a much younger guy in this day and age. Some people frown upon a difference of an age gap of more than ten years but this is not going to put most cougars off. They know what they want – they are on the hunt for young blood and will not turn a hunky Toy Boy down, especially if he is good at keeping her satisfied. In more ways than one!

It boosts a woman’s confidence that she still has what it takes to lure a younger guy, it makes her feel attractive as although she is in her later years, she can still feel unattractive.

Relationship Counsellor Julia Cole says “If a woman has been through a painful break-up then it’s quite possible that her confidence and self-esteem will be boosted by going out with someone younger and livelier. Getting the attention of someone you think you’d never attract again is a marvellous feeling.”

So what’s so great about Toy Boys?

  • He listens intently to your views on life events and sighs: ‘you are amazing and so sexy…’
  • You experiment in new sexual positions and he thinks you invented them.
  • You should be proud getting the attention of a younger guy, your friends without doubt will be jealous.
  • He will pleasure you until you ask him to stop.
  • He can go all night long until you are satisfied.

    For a woman in her late thirties, a lover in his twenties is ideal if bedtime satisfaction is the main agenda. ‘A woman reaches her sexual peak at around 35-40. Research has also shown that older women have better sexual experiences – both during arousal and orgasm’ says Julia.

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