Why Is Toy Boy Dating So Popular

The mature woman and younger guy relationship is so popular and commonplace nowadays and you will often see gatherings of mature women in the company of younger guys on a night out. The question of course is why is toy boy dating so popular?

There are many reasons why many hot mature women, often referred to as cougars, want to date younger guys. Cougars range from the super rich successful women who have everything to the average hard working woman but what they have in common is the desire to be wanted and appreciated. Some of these women understand that they are called a cougar is because that they know how to hunt down their prey!

Whether they like being called cougars or not, these mature women realise they have something that younger men want. Their self-awareness, self-confidence, independence, experience and the added bonus of their financial security is part of what makes cougars attractive to toy boys. Let’s not forget that most cougars are very sexy, independent, experienced and keen to show younger men the benefits of all their experience. Over the last few years, there has definitely been more social acceptance for mature women to date younger men, and many women are flattered by the attention of younger men.

The ages of women who are attracted to younger guys and are prepared to do something about it typically ranges from mid thirties to late fifties. These horny cougars love control and they like the idea of being able to control younger single men. Yes, Cougars do prey on younger guys as they want to have a toy boy on their arm to make them feel good and give themselves a real confidence boost, but let’s not forget these mature women have charisma and plenty going for them; and that’s why they are attractive to younger men and that’s why toyboy dating is so popular.

So there you have it, toys boys are in demand and if you want to find a toy boy there are plenty of them at the ever popular Toy Boys Dating site.

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