Why Cougars Love Toyboys

For years, men have had it drummed into them that women generally don’t go for younger guys. A woman in her late twenties, for example, wouldn’t generally go for a guy five years or so years her junior. However, these days as a woman gets older and once she is above a certain age, younger guys are suddenly much more desirable, and are a genuine option.

The term cougar, as in a mature woman who like younger guys, is a term to be proud of, and cougars are now realising how fabulous younger men can be for their self esteem, and for their love life too. Here are just a few reasons why cougars love toyboys.

Younger men have more energy
After years of dull missionary position sex with your husband, the thrill of having sex in a new position with a young guy who is both supple and interested in trying new things and having new experiences is a real turn on for many cougars. When was the last time you had sex in a car one dark night? Well, plenty of younger guys have no qualms about asking for just that. Who knows what new experiences you could have if you bag a toyboy?

A younger man has so much to give to you away from the bedroom (or car) too, giving you the opportunity to try so many new things you wouldn’t have otherwise tried. Who knew that dancing the night away with a keen young guy who is simply full of energy could be so exhilarating? You are only alive once, so why not let your hair down?

Younger men are in their prime
A twenty something man is going to have many more hormones racing through their body than a guy in his fifties. Those hormones rushing around want him to have sex all the time. Jump in the sack with your toyboy lover, and you will realise that younger men are in their prime sexually. You should luxuriate in the lust and passion that is on offer.

Younger men aren’t looking for love
Most young guys are well aware that the relationship they have with an older woman you is not going to result in marriage, babies, and a happy ever after. They don’t want that, and so are not working a system and leading you on. They are not after love, they after passion, and to have a good time with someone who can share the benefits of their experience. Forget looking for love; and instead look for lust. With a toyboy lover, you will have some great sex; sex that will simply blow your mind. With a toyboy lover, you’ll have new life experiences and you will try new things too. As your affair with him will enhance his mind, so will yours be enhanced too. You both have something to bring to the party.

Now is the time to check out some of the amazing toyboy dating sites that offer some amazing hook up opportunities for older women. You are only alive once, after all!

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