Cougar’s Revenge On Her Ex-Husband

This cougar get's her own back

This cougar get’s her own back

Kerry Bamblett was a happy glowing bride-to-be and was just days away from marrying Adrian, her true love of ten years. She was being pampered by a beautician and she happily chatted to her about her future plans and described her beautiful white gown, the wedding ceremony, the honeymoon in Goa and of course how she was in love with her fiance Adrian.

However, within six months her marriage was to come crashing down all around her. The marriage was destroyed when she found out that Adrian had cheated on her with the very beautician who had given her a wax just before her wedding!

Kerry from Stoke-on-Trent says“I didn’t see it coming, Ady was the only man I’d ever loved. We’d got together when we were both 18. I’d clapped eyes on him at a disco and just thought ‘Adonis!’. He was so tall and fit. He loved to work out.”

The beauty parlour was located in a gym which Kerry and Adrian had frequented together. He started having an affair with the beautician soon after marrying Kerry, leaving her broken hearted with her confidence taking a nose dive.

Kerry said “This beautician was at least five years younger than me and almost the same number of stones lighter. I’d been traded in for a younger, slimmer model who really did look like a model. I was devastated.”

While Adrian had moved in with his mistress Kerry remained celibate, as a relationship didn’t enter into her mind. Adrian and his young love didn’t last too long though, and he tried to get back with Kerry to rekindle the romance but for Kerry the trust was gone.

After having a conversation with a close friend Kerry was persuaded to add herself to an online dating website and get some revenge for her husband’s thoughtless actions.

“Men in their 20s are funny, vibrant and spontaneous and that makes me feel young, too. I’d prescribe it to any woman who finds herself ditched for someone younger. Take one toyboy, enjoy with or without food several times a day!”

To all those older women who fancy payback to all those exes who have run off with a younger female, well why not give yourself a boost in confidence and find your own toyboy at the Toy Boys Dating site.

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