Why Cougars Love Toyboys

For years, men have had it drummed into them that women generally don’t go for younger guys. A woman in her late twenties, for example, wouldn’t generally go for a guy five years or so years her junior. However, these days as a woman gets older and once she is above a certain age, younger guys are suddenly much more desirable, and are a genuine option.

The term cougar, as in a mature woman who like younger guys, is a term to be proud of, and cougars are now realising how fabulous younger men can be for their self esteem, and for their love life too. Here are just a few reasons why cougars love toyboys.

Younger men have more energy
After years of dull missionary position sex with your husband, the thrill of having sex in a new position with a young guy who is both supple and interested in trying new things and having new experiences is a real turn on for many cougars. When was the last time you had sex in a car one dark night? Well, plenty of younger guys have no qualms about asking for just that. Who knows what new experiences you could have if you bag a toyboy?

A younger man has so much to give to you away from the bedroom (or car) too, giving you the opportunity to try so many new things you wouldn’t have otherwise tried. Who knew that dancing the night away with a keen young guy who is simply full of energy could be so exhilarating? You are only alive once, so why not let your hair down?

Younger men are in their prime
A twenty something man is going to have many more hormones racing through their body than a guy in his fifties. Those hormones rushing around want him to have sex all the time. Jump in the sack with your toyboy lover, and you will realise that younger men are in their prime sexually. You should luxuriate in the lust and passion that is on offer.

Younger men aren’t looking for love
Most young guys are well aware that the relationship they have with an older woman you is not going to result in marriage, babies, and a happy ever after. They don’t want that, and so are not working a system and leading you on. They are not after love, they after passion, and to have a good time with someone who can share the benefits of their experience. Forget looking for love; and instead look for lust. With a toyboy lover, you will have some great sex; sex that will simply blow your mind. With a toyboy lover, you’ll have new life experiences and you will try new things too. As your affair with him will enhance his mind, so will yours be enhanced too. You both have something to bring to the party.

Now is the time to check out some of the amazing toyboy dating sites that offer some amazing hook up opportunities for older women. You are only alive once, after all!

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Plastic Surgery Leads To Toyboy Lover


Kay Silver and boyfriend Dean Thomas look like the average young couple happily in love but there is much more to it than meets the eye. Kay is actually almost twenty years older than Dean. Cougar Kay spent £5,000 on a face-lift which shed two decades off her appearance and helped her to bag herself a toyboy lover.

Kay insists “Age has never been an issue for us; if you’d told me three years ago that I’d end up living with a handsome toyboy, I wouldn’t have ­believed it. I had the face-lift to boost my career as a ­belly dancer but it ended up ­changing everything. I’ve found my confidence again and now walk with my head held high.”

In her younger days she used to be a bunny girl at a private members club where she had to look immaculate with her hair, make-up and be physically fit. Although her physique stayed relatively trim with being introduced to belly dancing which she had then taught for some years she became concerned her face was changing. This got her depressed and she began to lose confidence and felt her body didn’t match her face. It had reached a point where she’d look in the mirror and feel so low she had to do something about it.

She decided to research plastic surgery procedures online and it took her just two weeks to find the right surgeon for her face-lift. Two weeks after the ordeal of the operation, Kate’s confidence starting returning. She felt the bruising and swelling was certainly worth it and she couldn’t believe the transformation of her face.

“I’ll never forget one of the first times I went out after the operation and a young lad from a nearby building site wolf-whistled and tried to talk to me,” she recalls. “I felt visible again. Some people might find that annoying, but it made my day.”

With her face transformed, she started buying new make-up, clothes and soon rediscovered her social life again. She tried many new things, including online dating and salsa dancing. At a London speed dating event she met toy boy Dean, and they established they had a lot in common. She found Dean to be more mature than most men her age and although she kept her age hidden at first he assumed she was in her 30’s or early 40’s.

When they decided to go away for a romantic holiday she warily had to fill out a form and scribbled down her date of birth, and was worried the age gap to him could be a problem. Dean was shocked at first that his new love was actually 53 as he had believed she was a similar age to him. The age gap had no effect on their blossoming relationship, as Cougar Kay and her new toy boy lover carried on spending time together, going on more holidays and they soon moved in together.

Kay’s story proves once again that age is just a number when it comes to finding love. There are plenty of cougars that can find themselves a toy boy for a long-term relationship. You don’t always need surgery like Kay and let’s remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so if you are a cougar looking for someone younger, or maybe you are a toyboy looking for a mature woman, you should sign up to the very popular Toy Boys Dating site.

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Toyboys Keep Cougar Laila Young

Cougar Laila

Cougar Laila

Cougar Laila aged 61 from Hull feels more like she in her 40s than her 60s and she admits she prefers dating young strapping guys. She is now engaged to a 27 years old guy after being with him for four years. She had been previously married to an army officer who was much younger than her, not to mention casual ongoing flings with a University student. Yes, Laila clearly shows a passion for toyboys.

She says “No man over 40 has ever approached me, dating toyboys has kept me looking young and given me a zest for life. I feel like my appearance has stood still in time because of the way younger men treat me. From my experience, younger men treat older women with respect, find them infinitely more attractive and genuinely enjoy their company.”

She goes on… “And let’s face it, the sex is so much better. Older men often have baggage and a bigger belly. Why should I be with a sixty year old man when I can be with one who is twenty four?”

Whilst on holiday Laila likes to life live to the fullest and with her youthful looks she finds herself being approached by young guys decades younger than herself. She claims to have been the envy of many women whose boyfriends have paid her compliments on her being such an attractive cougar.

Most older women have everything they need in life with careers, a great set of friends and they also have the freedom to choose who they want to be with. In this day and age it’s becoming more and more common for older women to date younger guys. If youa re in the cougar catgory, you to can be like Laila and find yourself your own hot younger guy at the Toy Boys Dating site and live life to the fullest too. What are you waiting for?

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Cougar’s Revenge On Her Ex-Husband

This cougar get's her own back

This cougar get’s her own back

Kerry Bamblett was a happy glowing bride-to-be and was just days away from marrying Adrian, her true love of ten years. She was being pampered by a beautician and she happily chatted to her about her future plans and described her beautiful white gown, the wedding ceremony, the honeymoon in Goa and of course how she was in love with her fiance Adrian.

However, within six months her marriage was to come crashing down all around her. The marriage was destroyed when she found out that Adrian had cheated on her with the very beautician who had given her a wax just before her wedding!

Kerry from Stoke-on-Trent says“I didn’t see it coming, Ady was the only man I’d ever loved. We’d got together when we were both 18. I’d clapped eyes on him at a disco and just thought ‘Adonis!’. He was so tall and fit. He loved to work out.”

The beauty parlour was located in a gym which Kerry and Adrian had frequented together. He started having an affair with the beautician soon after marrying Kerry, leaving her broken hearted with her confidence taking a nose dive.

Kerry said “This beautician was at least five years younger than me and almost the same number of stones lighter. I’d been traded in for a younger, slimmer model who really did look like a model. I was devastated.”

While Adrian had moved in with his mistress Kerry remained celibate, as a relationship didn’t enter into her mind. Adrian and his young love didn’t last too long though, and he tried to get back with Kerry to rekindle the romance but for Kerry the trust was gone.

After having a conversation with a close friend Kerry was persuaded to add herself to an online dating website and get some revenge for her husband’s thoughtless actions.

“Men in their 20s are funny, vibrant and spontaneous and that makes me feel young, too. I’d prescribe it to any woman who finds herself ditched for someone younger. Take one toyboy, enjoy with or without food several times a day!”

To all those older women who fancy payback to all those exes who have run off with a younger female, well why not give yourself a boost in confidence and find your own toyboy at the Toy Boys Dating site.

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Jamaican Teenager Marries Welsh Cougar

Angharad Lovering, 38, married Jamaican Toyboy Loric Bullock 19

Angharad, 38, married Jamaican Toyboy Loric, 19

After a six month Skype love affair 19 year old Loric from Jamaica and Angharad 38 from South Wales have got married.

Angharad flew out to the Caribbean for a holiday for a few weeks, had a whirlwind romance with a Jamaican teen and found herself not only falling in love, but pregnant.

Despite being twice his age and barely knowing him, she decided she wanted his baby, and wanted to be his wife. She took out a loan to pay for the £3,000 visa for her new man, but the initial application was rejected. After giving birth to a baby boy, 19 years old toyboy Loric received his visa and flew out to the UK to meet his son for the first time and his fiance for the second time.

Angharad already had a teenage daughter from a previous relationship and found that people were mistaking her new husband for her daughter’s boyfriend. Although there is an age gap and and their circumstances in meeting are unconventional, she insists that he’s the real deal and doesn’t care what critics say.

She says “‘I don’t look as old as I am and I certainly don’t dress my age because I don’t want to look my age. I don’t have wrinkles so I’m lucky. But Loric has a baby face. A couple of people have said to my daughter, “Is that your boyfriend?” and she has to say, “No, it’s my stepfather.”

“‘I keep a very small circle of friends and I don’t really get on with my family so I don’t give a damn what they think.’

Some people may say this couple are simply crazy; but as we all know love has no boundaries when it comes to age gaps. This toy boy seems to be very happy with his cougar from Wales, proving that age is just a number. If you are a woamnd and fancy your own toyboy or you are a younger man looking for an older woman then you should visit the Toy Boys Dating site. Who knwos where it might lead?

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Why Is Toy Boy Dating So Popular

The mature woman and younger guy relationship is so popular and commonplace nowadays and you will often see gatherings of mature women in the company of younger guys on a night out. The question of course is why is toy boy dating so popular?

There are many reasons why many hot mature women, often referred to as cougars, want to date younger guys. Cougars range from the super rich successful women who have everything to the average hard working woman but what they have in common is the desire to be wanted and appreciated. Some of these women understand that they are called a cougar is because that they know how to hunt down their prey!

Whether they like being called cougars or not, these mature women realise they have something that younger men want. Their self-awareness, self-confidence, independence, experience and the added bonus of their financial security is part of what makes cougars attractive to toy boys. Let’s not forget that most cougars are very sexy, independent, experienced and keen to show younger men the benefits of all their experience. Over the last few years, there has definitely been more social acceptance for mature women to date younger men, and many women are flattered by the attention of younger men.

The ages of women who are attracted to younger guys and are prepared to do something about it typically ranges from mid thirties to late fifties. These horny cougars love control and they like the idea of being able to control younger single men. Yes, Cougars do prey on younger guys as they want to have a toy boy on their arm to make them feel good and give themselves a real confidence boost, but let’s not forget these mature women have charisma and plenty going for them; and that’s why they are attractive to younger men and that’s why toyboy dating is so popular.

So there you have it, toys boys are in demand and if you want to find a toy boy there are plenty of them at the ever popular Toy Boys Dating site.

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Cougar Janet

Cougar Janet 48 from Lancashire is a lively single lady who is full of energy and would be sure to keep up with a younger guy, in fact it would be hard for a guy to keep up with her! Let’s find out more about this energetic bubbly blonde.

Cougar Janet on a night out

Cougar Janet on a night out

“I am a receptionist and love it. Its a great job for me cause I get to chat to some lovely people and have built up a great rapport with some since I have been there.

“I love my 80’s music, but my daughter has introduced me to some newer stuff too.

“I’m looking for someone who can initially make me laugh, can be a bit cheeky, (open a door open for me, but slap my bottom on the way through), a bit naughty, but knows how to treat a girl the right way. I do like tall men, as I wear heels a lot! and maybe a few tattoos, but not a deal breaker.

“I want to have fun with someone who likes me for me, who’s not shy, likes to chat and wont mind me singing karaoke!!

“I’m not into sight seeing of museums or anything historical, I’d rather be round a pool and on a beach.

Janet’s interests include Pop Music, Rock Music, Movies, Theatre, Dancing, Restaurants, Pubs/Clubs, TV/Radio, Cooking and Travelling

To get in touch with this happy fun loving cougar simply click on her photo to get in touch.

There are many sexy cougars to search for at the popular and successful Toy Boys Dating site. Naturally it is free to register and once you’ve done that, you can select your cougar by age, height, build, along with interests all to help you find your perfect older woman.

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Cougar Peri

Hot Cougar Peri 48 from York is after a younger man to “enjoy quality time with”. Let’s find out what this sexy mature woman has to say about herself.

Hot Cougar Peri

Hot Cougar Peri

“I’m slim and told I’m attractive (that’s not easy to put about oneself ! ) I’m not usually shy and I value respectful people who are kind natured as I am.

“I take pride in my appearance and like to look after my body and so my fitness is important to me. Im involved with a dance group and I go to the gym. I would like someone who likes to look after their appearance too, someone who is proud and respectful of themselves and others with a supportive and positive outlook on life.”

“I like to be active and doing things or planning adventures as oppose to watching television..”

“I’m looking for a gentleman who has a zest for life and someone who is comfortable within themselves to share special times and enjoy quality time out.”

Peri’s interests include Pop Music, Classical Music, Country Music, Theatre, Dancing, Animals, Gardening, The Arts, The Outdoors, Restaurants, Cooking, Travelling and no surprises her she also like to keep fit.

If you fancy the pants off this cougar then click on her photo to get in touch with her.

If you’re an older single woman who prefers dating toy boys or if you’re a toyboy yourself, and you fancy a browse to see more super sexy cougars the check out the Toy Boys Dating web site – the place to hookup with super sexy cougars.

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Cougar Carole

Carole 48 from Borders is a hot cougar who looks absolutely stunning in her black evening dress, and we’re sure she will be great company for anyone.

Hot Cougar Carole

Hot Cougar Carole

She has this to say about herself…
“I like nights out and nights in, walking the dog, hill walking, reading, tv and films, holidays, short breaks, like all different types of music, and quizes.

This sexy mature single cougar is tall, at 5 feet 9 inches in height, is of slim build with dark brown hair and blue eyes.

She’s a mum of two grown up kids and is looking for a new romance. Yes, this cougar is a very active yummy mummy who certainly will attract the younger guy.

Carole has answered some questions which will help you get to know a little more about her as below.

What do you like to do for fun?
I like walking my dog and nights out

What is your favourite meal?
Mexican, indian

What is the most interesting fact about you?
i climbed Ben Nevis in June last year and although going up was great coming down was another matter but thoroughly enjoyed the experience

What is your most treasured possession?
my grans eternity ring

What is your favourite place in the world to visit?

If you won the lottery what would you buy first?
my kids new cars

What is your favourite book or film and why?
shawshank redemption

If you feel this sexy cougar floats your boat to get in touch simply click on her photo.

Carole likes to keep in great shape and it’s no surprise that like other mature single ladies she’s looking for a younger man. Dating men of similar age for these hot older women is a thing of the past, these cougars need to feel young and vibrant with the added excitement from younger single men.

If you fancy more mature women or you’re an older single woman who prefers dating toy boys you can sign up for free at the Toy Boys Dating site.

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Gloucester Cougar Elaine

Elaine 52 from Gloucestershire is a typical Cougar who is well established and has pretty much everything in her life. The only thing missing is a virile young man – a toyboy!

Cougar Elaine

Cougar Elaine

Let’s find out if Elaine is the right cougar for you.

“Free spirit or pocket rocket. I prefer to …
meet up, rather than text
do something, rather than endless planning
live my life, rather than watch others live theirs
socialise with friends and loved ones, rather than use social media
have a “can do” approach
dine out, rather than in
go to the theatre, rather than watch a dvd
I tend to have more in common with people aged between 36 – 51. Guess I’m immature for my age. Lol. Certainly feel it

“I’m solvent and established. Have everything I need and am happy with where I am in life. Would like someone to share the good times with. I have a South African accent, spent a total of 34 years living in Botswana and South Africa. I had 4 businesses. Retired now. I’m family orientated, love being at one with wildlife and nature, even just observing it change with the seasons.
I go to the gym and swim almost every day. I’m equally happy in shorts and Tshirt or a cocktail dress, and I enjoy socialising

This Gloucester cougar continues…

“Am honest, loyal, dependable, very caring, hands on and passionate, mutual respect is essential.
I have a gsoh, am confident, love fun activities, days out, traveling, romance, spontaneity and am willing to try anything, even if it’s only for a laugh.”

“I would like to meet someone who would genuinely care about me, as I would them.
I’m not interested in one night stands, virtual sex, nor texting endlessly, nor sex texting, nor exchanging photos, nor several partners.
I prefer dating the old fashioned way … Boy meets girl, see if the spark is there.”

To get in touch with this glamorous single Gloucester based cougar just click on her photo which will take you direct to her member profile.

If you are a Toyboy looking for an older woman to date you should sign up at the Toy Boys Dating site and search for hot cougars who live near you.

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