Sharon likes a Toy Boy

Single Cougar Sharon 43 from Lincolnshire is a very bubbly and sociable lady who likes meeting new people. Maybe she can bag herself a younger guy to date via the Toy Boys Dating site.

Cougar Sharon

Here’s what she has to say about herself…..

“I’m Happy with my Life……… but will be even happier sharing it with someone. I am quite creative; I embrace change and love to wonder what the future will bring. I work hard…. .my mind usually has a dozen things going on at once – it’s the Gemini in me ! I love spontaneity, hugging, kissing, forgiving (lifes too short to bear grudges) and believe in love and romance.

“I’m incredibly loyal and I’m thinking it might just be ‘my time’. So what do I like to do ? I love the theatre, comedy, going to the races, reading – romances mainly no surprises there ! although I do throw in the odd autobiography now and then just to stay in touch with the real world ! Im very fortunate and have great friends and a close family and I love to socialise and meet new people – you can definitely take me home to meet the parents !

“So, should you get in touch ?? I really don’t know what my ideal match would be. If I had to list my favourite traits in a person they would be: confident, thoughtful, fun with a positive outlook to life and a great sense of humour. I tend to think It all comes down to chemistry. All that said – I’ll keep an open mind and would love to hear from you if you think you might have that certain something.

Sharon’s interests include theatre, dancing, animals, being outdoors, restaurants and reading. If you like the look, and sound, of Sharon and would like to get to know her simply click on her photo.

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Cougar Deborah

Single and very hot cougar Deborah 44 from Berkshire is on the lookout for a guy – one with the certain X Factor. Let’s find out what this fit cougar has to say about herself.

Admiring the views

What a nice view

“I would describe myself as someone who loves life. I enjoy the outdoors and enjoy rowing, walking in the countryside and skiiing. I love spending cosy nights in, watching a good film and cooking with good company.”

“I am close to my family and value good relationships with friends and family.”

“I would say that i am an adventurous, loyal and passionate person, with tonnes of energy which i would love to share with someone special.”

“I am looking for someone who can be spontaneous, interesting and puts a smile on my face. Someone with the x factor that makes me feel that if we were stranded on a desert island together i would be happy.”

“I am looking for someone with similar interests and outlook. He will also need to want the same as what i do out of life.”

If you like the look and sound of Deborah click on her photo to go directly to her member profile where you can get to find out what turns her on, and also to get in touch with her. If you are a British toy boy in search of a fit cougar you can sign up for free at the ever popular Toy Boys Dating site. If you prefer to date experienced older women or vice versa then this web site will be ideal for you.

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Toy Boy Khebeln

Handsome Toyboy Khebeln 30 from Doncaster would be a hit for any Cougar signed up to the Toy Boys Dating site. Find out what this true romantic young man has got to say…..

Toy Boy Khebeln

Toy Boy Khebeln

“Its hard to be objective. Particularly about yourself. Its best to meet face to face and judge by yourself. Nevertheless i will write few words about myself.

“I’m warm and caring person, usually with a smile on my face. I like to cuddle a lot. I have calm personality but i can be quite spontaneous sometimes.

“I have good sense of humor and optimistic view on life. If needed i can be serious and responsible.

He continues…

“I hate and avoid conflict. Especially in relationships. I prefer good conversation and discussion to solve the problem instead.

“I’d rather spend my free time at home rather than go out somewhere. I don’t like traveling or tourism.

“Who do i look for?
Someone with warm personality, that i can spend lonely nights together, cuddle on the sofa and talk about our day. Maybe even share similar interests. Preferably living near Doncaster area.

Khebeln’s interests include Jazz Music, Movies, Reading, Computers, Internet, Cooking and Keep Fit.

If you fancy this hot Toy Boy simply click on his photo to get in touch directly. For other similar good looking fit young guys to date sign up and search at the UK Toy Boys site.

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Cougar Susan

Susan 48 from Berkshire is a stunning cougar who is surprisingly single. She is petite and is in great shape with youthful looks. This is what sexy cougar Susan has to say about herself….

Cougar Susan

Cougar Susan


“Divorced, one 9 year old daughter who I adore, busy with a full time job, would love to meet that elusive man who is professional, attractive, but also considerate and knows how to treat a lady! I take my time to get to know someone, so don’t want to be overwhelmed by someone expecting me to jump into a relationship.”

“Only interested in someone who really wants to get to know me as a person. I don’t play games, honesty is very important to me. I look much younger than 47, but don’t believe in lying about my age, I keep fit jogging and walking the dog, I enjoy the outdoors but equally like to get dressed up for a nice evening out. So if any of that appeals get in touch – but only if you have a photo!”

Susan is degree educated, has a good job, and has many interests including Music, Movies, Theatre, Animals, Gardening, The Outdoors, DIY/Crafts, Restaurants, Reading, TV/Radio, Computers, Internet, Cooking, Travelling and Keep Fit.

If this sexy cougar has caught your interest why not click on her photo to get in touch directly with her. If you fancy searching for other similar hot cougars you can search for hundreds near you at the Toy Boys Dating site.


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Romantic Rosie

Youthful Rosie looks fantastic for her age at 51, and although she is a romantic at heart, she is a really sexy cougar too. Rosie is from Berkshire and the question is will she find a toyboy who can keep her young at heart? Rosie would like to be romanced with lots of fun and laughter, so if you are a toyboy do you foot the bill? Could you be the one for this sexy cougar? Could you be her prince? Let’s hear what she has to say for herself.

Rosie rocks

Romantic Rosie Rocks

“Young looking, and fun loving Lady seeks her Prince! Independent and strong, loves Life and all it’s simple pleasures! Enjoys her friends, laughter, good conversation, good times , has the strength and courage to work through the good and the bad times. Happy go lucky, positive and fun, just prefers to share lifes experiences. Believes that Life is precious, and true Love does exist! Clearly a hopeless romantic!”

She continues….

“Would love to meet that special gent, who has similar qualities to share laughter and good times!
Not interested in players! Prefer deep, meaningful, emotionally intelligent men, who have the ability to see the funny side of Life, quality over quantity!”

Rosie’s interests include Pop Music, Movies, Theatre, Dancing, The Arts, The Outdoors, Restaurants, Internet, Cooking and Keep Fit.

If this young at heart hot romantic 51 year old takes your fancy, then simply click on her photo to get in touch with her.

If you are a cougar looking for a Toy Boy or a Toyboy looking for a cougar here are just some of the the benefits of signing up to the UK’s favourite Cougar Dating site. You will find that there are many other single toy boy loving women registered near you.

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So, find your toyboy or cougar now!

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Sexy Cougar Jane

Jane, 48 from Berkshire would turn heads for any cougar loving toy boy, and she is looking for a new lover via the ever popular Toy Boys Dating site. Let’s find out how this blonde bombshell became single and what she has to say in her profile…..

She could turn a toy boys head

“”Hi there, thank you for looking at my profile. I am new to this site and somewhat daunted, but just for now I’ll say….”

“I am a happy, friendly, well traveled, gracious and intelligent lady. I am optimistic and fun loving, I have many and varied interests, I love to travel and have previously lived overseas.”

“I’m always keen to learn new things and embrace new experiences. I am genuine, honest and sincere and would like to meet the same.”

Blue eyed cougar Jane is of slim build, with luscious long blonde hair and she says she is a light drinker. A bright and intelligent lady, she’s in Sales and Marketing and enjoys life to the full. Maybe a toyboy could enhance her free days :)

If you find Jane rocks your cougar boat, and you are a younger guy who fancies dating this mature sexy lady then click on her photo and you will be taken directly to her profile. She is one of many hot cougars you can find via the Cougar Dating site. As you will see, it is easy to grab your chance and start dating a gorgeous and experienced women!

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Has Fifty Shades of Grey destroyed relationships?

Fifty Shades Of GreyE.L. James’ Fifty Shades of Grey is an erotic romance novel, which has become one of the most talked about books amongst most women. What got the book its share of popularity initially is also exactly what has ruined many a life, or at least ruined love lives. The explicit content of the book raised a great outcry and resulted in censoring of the book in certain libraries. You know much like how these fantasy movies create the most unreal picture of a relationship? It could well be an analogy similar to that. The difference only lies in the fact that this one is more about sex lives and how it may NOT be in reality what the book shouts out.

The Perfect Female Fantasy

Christian, the male protagonist of the novel is the modern version of Apollo, the ideal horny man. His physical beauty and perfectionism as a lover has driven many a women jealous, who are ready to forget that he is only a fictional character. The sexual content of the book has made these women admire the man, and even envy the female protagonist.

Why Do Most Men Fear This?

Men fear this book because there have been various cases when the women are too attracted to Christian’s charms, and often end up complaining about the imperfection of their relationship. They prefer the fantasy world to their reality and wish for the same experiences as Ana, Christian’s lover.

There seems to be a coming-to-life of ‘Emma Bovary’s, who are too swayed away by the books they are reading. As an instance worth mentioning, a woman complained that her husband rarely complimented on her beauty, and failed to notice even when she made an attempt at dressing up for him; that he never remembered Valentine’s Day and forgot to give her a kiss when leaving for work. The husband could not fathom the reason for this sudden outburst until he linked it all with the book she was presently reading.

All the women readers seem to be complaining about the lack of erotic sex in their lives. There is the case of another woman who earlier believed that romantic husbands existed only in her fantasies, until she read this book. She started believing in this character, who looked so real, and began cursing her luck for being stuck with this man who does not understand her needs at all. She wondered why her husband was never interested in sharing his feelings or never ‘talked’ love.

There seems to be a whole community of women sharing their frustrations in blogs and other online forums. Each one of them seems to be stuck with the wrong guy, and all of them seem to be craving for the fantastic Mr. Grey.

An unhealthy read?

Fifty Shades of Grey is unhealthy for its female readers, as it has made them dissociate during sex. They like to imagine their husbands to be Christian and find the experience pleasurable. The apparent harmless appearance of the book, which has been defended by the claim that it is different to read something intimate than watching porn, has caused the ruin of many relationships. It has injured the proportions of a ‘real marriage’. Women, now want to dodge the challenging, real way and reach out for the imaginary.

My Take:

I believe every relationship is unique in its own ways and the more you judge what’s lacking, the more you tend to pick on it and sulk. Your husband or your wife does not need skills from a certificate in massage to arouse you on bed in the foreplay nor do you need a raunchy porn movie to get you into the act. The very idea of feeling content and attached with the person should instigate you to make love. That’s only what brews in my mind though, what do you have to say to it?

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Cougar Ariella

Hot Cougar Ariella 40 from Humberside is on the lookout for a younger man – and if that’s you, you can easily track her down via the always popular Toy Boys Dating site. Having been in a relationship for over twenty years with a guy some thirteen years older than herself she doesn’t want to repeat history.

Looking for a younger guy

This dark haired hot cougar has the following to say in her profile….

“loyal honest single mum of one son (17) …Very independant ; Driven and work focused as an Interior Designer of 23yrs Consumate professional @ work but out of work i never take myself too seriously…Im very famly orientated and have a great circle of friends who i enjoy spending time with when able ….My gym workouts are a must 4/5 times a wk …an healthy body = an healthy mind ;)) Like dining out ; partial to good food great company and conversation …stable and consistant in body mind and soul … Im looking for that ‘ undefinable” spark !!! … “

“( I spent 23 yrs with a guy 13 yrs older than me , im not looking to repeat that age gap )”

Ariella’s interests include Movies, Theatre, Animals, The Outdoors, Restaurants, Pubs/Clubs, Reading, Keep Fit, Sports (Playing), Sports (Watching), Cooking and Travelling.

Does this cougar interest you? As you can she has a lot to offer. Simply click on her photo to get in touch directly and find out more about her.

There are hundreds of mature women looking for a younger date – If you consider yourself a toyboy or are inclined to consider chasing an older woman then this Cougar Dating site could be just for you.

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Cougar Carol

Cougar Carol, 51 from Cambridge looks fantastic for her age – and she is on the lookout for a new man in her life. Find out what this sexy cougar has to say……

Cougar Carol

I’m a live-wire, young at heart with a passion for life and its twists and turns. I’ve been married, divorced ten years ago, have two grown up boys and a couple of long term relationships behind me.

I love the outdoors, being active, walking, running, cycling, snowboarding when I can and trying anything new. I’m into science, not religion. Dancing is a passion of mine and i love clubbing. As far as music’s concerned, I love anything funky like house, disco etc. but also have quite a broad taste and am open to listening to anything.

I love travelling and am slowly working my way around the world. I like food, hence all the exercise! Never been on a diet in my life and never intend to. I’m looking for someone that I feel a spark with, can laugh and have adventures with and who will let me be myself.

Someone younger that’s had children would suit me best, as would someone that isn’t too serious, has a brain and is attractive. Ok i’m fussy! I’d be happy to make some friends too as I love meeting new people.

Oh and one more thing….please don’t wink me or message me unless you have a photo! And one that’s the right way up always helps!”

Green eyed Carol’s interests include Pop Music, Movies, Dancing, Animals, Gardening, The Outdoors, Restaurants, Pubs/Clubs, Reading, Travelling, Keep Fit and Sports (Playing).

Her passion is clubbing which shows that she’s in touch with her youthful side, so even if she is over 50, she is not over the hill!

If you think Cougar Carol is phwwoar or should that be roar then simply click on her photo to get in touch. You will get to see a number of other photos of her, and get to check out her profile in detail. If you want to search for other sexy cougars then simply sign up to this very popular Toy Boys Dating site.

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Cougar Tina

Tina, 47 from Berkshire is one hot cougar – and as you can see, she looks great for her age!

Cougar Tina

Find out what this sexy fun loving cougar has written in her profile……

“Hello and Thank you for dropping by :) xx “

“I can easily collapse into a heap of laughter over the silliest things sometimes…so be warned!!!! You’ll need to be easy going and with a kind nature to put up with me!!!”

“You must have a love for animals. I have three dogs a cat & 2 guinea pigs ;). I believe anyone that loves animals would be a kind person :)”

“I like to keep in shape and look good. Saying that I hate all those exercise classes….I keep fit by doing my gardening as this is my business too”.

“I do like to dress up when I go out as I’m usually a bit of a scruff by day when I’m working….jeans and wellies girl….so with this I’m not scared of getting my hands or face dirty!!! but when it’s time to go out I change into Cinderella !!!”

“I love my shoes and boots !!! Lost count on how many I own!”

“I love country pubs especially in wintertime where you can cosy up to the log fire. I also love fine dining ;)
A nice evening at home can be just as nice with the right company. Is that you ??”

Well, is that you? Does any of that appeal? If so, simply click on the photo ad you will be taken direct to Tina’s detailed profile, where you can find out more about her, and see a total of ten pictures of her.

Tina’s interests include Pop Music, Country Music, Rock Music, Movies, Theatre, Animals, Gardening, The Outdoors, DIY/Crafts, Restaurants, Pubs/Clubs, TV/Radio and Travelling.

If you are a toyboy and want to search for hot cougars local to you then you can sign up for free at the Toy Boys Dating site.

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